Urban Legends That Were Actually Proven To Be Partially True

Everyone has heard half-whispered stories of monsters terrorizing towns or secret underground tunnel systems that lead to disturbing facilities kept hidden from the public. And almost everyone has dismissed those stories as total bunk — urban legends meant to be shared around a campfire or after a few drinks. But maybe these 30 chilling stories passed by word of mouth deserve some more consideration. After all, some of the creepiest tales ever told turned out to be rooted in way more truth than we care to admit.

20. Le Loyon

“The ghost of Maules” — otherwise known as Le Loyon — was no joke to the people of Switzerland. Several different eyewitnesses reported seeing a man in a camouflage cape, gimp suit, and gas mask wandering aimlessly through the Maules Forest. Few believed the story. Then a photo showed up in 2013 and opened the floodgates of speculation.

Wandering through the woods

Shortly after this photo started circulating through newspapers — evidence of Le Loyon's existence — the gas mask and camouflage cape were found discarded in the woods. Attached to the garments was a note from Le Loyon, in which he stated he did not mean to strike fear in people. His forest stalking days were done.

19. Hotel room odor

One urban legend tells of a family staying in a perfectly nice hotel room — except that it stinks. They eventually find the cause: a rotting corpse underneath the mattress they just slept on. This legend is so pervasive that you can't really tie it to a specific event — but is there any truth to it?

Before check out...

This horrific surprise has actually transpired in five states, so don't ignore your nose! And in the case of 40-year-old San Juana Macias, no one at the Rodeway Inn in Austin, Texas, noticed her body for three days. Between housekeepers and investigators, no one followed their sniffer!