40 Things We Experienced At School That No Longer Exist

For the kids of today, school is very different than it used to be. Yes, certain classes and pieces of equipment that many of us grew up with are gone. But don’t worry — that stuff won’t be lost to time if we can help it. We’ll be taking a closer look at 40 of those things right here. Hope you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, folks!

40. Trapper Keepers

Remember Trapper Keepers? These stylish binders were perfect for children who wanted to keep their school work in order. They were great! So what happened to them, then? Well, as Reader’s Digest noted, the introduction of electronic tablets makes this nifty product somewhat obsolete today. What a bummer.

39. Library checkout cards

If you ever needed a particular book or source to complete a piece of work, you could always rely on the school library. And whenever you borrowed anything, the workers there would fill in a checkout card. It was a form of record keeping. But those cards aren’t needed anymore — the information is stored electronically via computers.

38. Wall pencil sharpeners

Ah, wall pencil sharpeners. That takes us back! As the name suggests, these bad boys were secured to the walls for youngsters to use during classes. Yet the bulky metal objects were far from perfect. They often created a mess, and left your pencils looking a little worse for wear. Kids nowadays can call upon automatic tools for the job. Lucky them.

37. Pull-down maps

In the past, no classroom at school would be complete without a pull-down map sitting on top of the board. Educators often called upon these maps during history and geography lessons, giving kids a visual reference guide. Thanks to the introduction of overhead projectors and computers, though, they’re no longer required.