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The Most Stunning Wives And Girlfriends Of NASCAR Stars

Screeching tires and nail-biting overtakes go hand-in-hand with stock car racing, but what about the dazzling women who've fallen for the helmet-wearing stars? These NASCAR beauties could simply roll down the windows and recline as they enjoy the spoils of their super-successful partners, but where's the fun in that? There's an interior designer, multiple models, and even one who holds a degree in medicine. No back-seat drivers here then! So, who are the wives and girlfriends behind NASCAR's elite? It's time to find out... 

1. Lorra Bowyer

Married to: Clint Bowyer

Married since 2014, Lorra Bowyer was more enthusiastic about the pair’s nuptials than stock car star husband Clint. How do we know? Well, he grumbled, “Just tell me where I need to be”, to Fox Sports just months before their nuptials. You do the math! But while Clint isn’t the traditional romantic type, the pair sure make for a great couple. They have two kids together, too. 

2. DeLana Harvick

Married to: Keven Harvick

Sporting website Bleacher Report claims that DeLana is 'one of the most powerful women in the industry.' And they're not wrong. Not only was she raised in the pits under the skilled wing of renowned father John Paul Linville, but she also first hit the tracks at just three weeks old! DeLana and Kevin met back in 2000 and have seemingly gone from strength to strength ever since. 

3. Niki Taylor

Married to: Burney Lamar

After meeting Burney Lamar at a charity event in 2006, Niki Taylor instantly became enamored with the stock racer. And it didn’t take long for the model to realize the attraction was entirely mutual. In fact, Lamar proposed to her in October that very same year. And of course, she said yes. The pair have two children of their own and what looks like a picture-perfect blended family along with Taylor's children from a previous relationship.

4. Amy Reimann

Married to: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Interior designer Amy Reimann was originally hired to jazz up Daytona winner Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s house. However, she soon found herself falling in love. Indeed, since that first encounter in 2009, the pair have proved an ideal match. They tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2016 and have since welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world of fast cars and interiors.