Hilarious Photos Of Newfoundland Dogs Are Proving How Ridiculously Huge They Are

Once used as working dogs by the fisherman of Newfoundland, "Newfies" have become as beloved for their calm disposition and fierce loyalty as they are for their tremendous size and strength. But unless you've actually seen one for yourself, it's hard to wrap your head around how truly enormous these dogs are. So, before you even think about welcoming one of these miniature bears into your home, these hilarious photos of Newfoundlands are sure to make you reconsider the meaning of the word "big."

1. Big dog or a big blanket?

Owning a Newfoundland means you'll have to find a lot more space in the living room. One couch can't handle both you and your pup, especially a pup that thinks it's a lap dog. At least you won't need an extra blanket in the winter!

2. Like being kissed by a bear

Once you pick up a Newfoundland puppy, you better be prepared for the full extent of its love. You may have gotten dog kisses before, but when it comes to being smooched by one of these pups, you might think you were being licked by a small bear!

3. They're basically bigger than humans

Did you know Newfoundlands are excellent magicians? Their favorite trick is the disappearing act because these pups can make their owners vanish from plain sight in an instant. Just be sure to keep an eye out for arms and legs trying to free themselves from underneath them!

4. A nose for good vibes

Given how tall Newfoundlands are when they're sitting down, it should come as no surprise that small critters could start using their noses as rest stops. They wouldn't find any takeout spots or bathrooms, but it sure would be cozy!