A 24-Year-Old Mom With 22 Babies Addressed The Reality Behind Her Family

When Russian single mom Kristina Ozturk took a vacation to Batumi, Georgia, she’d never been abroad before, so she probably didn’t know what to expect. But whatever her vision for the trip was, it can’t have included meeting her dream man and then having 21 babies in the next year. You read that right! Kristina is now a mom 22 times over.

Happy meeting

The man whom Kristina met was Galip Ozturk, a wealthy businessman. And although he was already father to nine children, when Kristina suggested having more, Galip, then 57, was game for as many as she wanted. But you don’t have 20 babies without help, and the couple used surrogates to pop out their kids.

Big family

And when we say Kristina fancied a big family, well, she really did. The couple’s first child together was Mustafa, who joined them in March 2020. And they kept having them, regularly, until getting to Judy a year later. Now, along with Kristina’s older daughter Victoria, they have a house full of kids: 22 in all.

Seaside break

The young mom, in her early 20s when she began her relationship with Galip, had gone to Batumi to enjoy the sea. The resort town, nestling in the foothills of the Caucasus mountains, is much-loved by the area’s tourists. So much so, in fact, that visitors often call it “the Las Vegas of the Black Sea.”

“Fairytale prince”

While the young mom was sunning herself in the seaside resort, she came across a man who was a bit out of the ordinary. Galip had made a fortune in transport and property. He originates from Turkey, but now lives in Batumi. When asked about him, Katrina told British newspaper The Sun that he was her “mentor, guide, and fairytale prince all rolled into one.”