Ingenious Laundry Hacks To Iron Out The Creases In Your Washing Routine

The average American woman spends 17 minutes a day doing laundry. But not only is it a time-consuming chore, it can also be expensive. So if you want a cheap alternative to stain remover or a faster way of getting your clothes wrinkle-free, look no further. We’ve got a bunch of hacks to help save you time and money. And all you need are some everyday household objects — including ice cubes!

40. There’s a great alternative to dryer sheets

Dryer sheets have rightfully earned a less-than-stellar reputation, as they can ruin fabrics meant to be breathable, absorbent or flame-retardant. So swap them out for wool dryer balls instead. This all-natural alternative smoothes away wrinkles, improves air flow and makes clothes dry faster. Pretty cool, right?

39. Or try a ball of aluminum foil

Let’s say you’re out of dryer sheets and can’t get your hands on wool dryer balls just yet. Head to the kitchen and grab a sheet of aluminum foil. Ball up the metallic stuff and throw it into your dryer as a stand-in that will effectively fluff your clothes up to a half-year. Magic!

38. You can DIY a wrinkle releaser

There’s nothing worse than envisioning what you want to wear, pulling it out… and realizing the garment has wrinkles. Luckily, you don’t have to pick something else or spend too long ironing. Instead, pour two cups of water, a tablespoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of hair conditioner into a spray bottle. Mist that over your creased clothes, then pull your garment until the lines release. Voilà!

37. Clean your detergent cap with your laundry

Your detergent comes with a cap that simplifies measuring and pouring the stuff into your washer. After a few weeks of usage, though, the cap gets sticky and dirty with drips of soap. Turns out, you can clean this quite easily by popping the cap into the washer with a load of non-delicate laundry. Be sure to remove it when you throw everything else into the dryer, mind you.