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Eating Yogurt Before Bed Has A Peculiar Impact On The Body That We’re Just Learning

While yogurt makes for a healthy snack during the day, we can’t help but wonder what kind of impact it has on your body if you consume it before getting some shut-eye. Well, we’ll be taking a closer look at those effects today. Plus, we’ll also dive into the importance of developing good sleeping and eating habits.

Late-night eating

There’s a lot of fascinating information on the way, folks, so we hope you’re ready! It could change your approach to late-night eating going forward. Anyway, let’s get into it — what do doctors have to say about seemingly healthy midnight snacks such as broccoli and yogurt? Are they ideal or not?

A surprise

Well, it might surprise you to hear that one of those food items isn’t as helpful as you’d think. We won’t leave you in suspense... it’s broccoli. How can that be? Surely a nutritious snack should be beneficial for your body whenever you eat it, right? As it turns out, that’s not the case here.

Vitamins and fiber

Even though broccoli is a vitamin-heavy veggie, it contains plenty of “insoluble fiber” as well. In simple terms, that means it won’t digest all that quickly. It’s similar to cauliflower in that respect, which is in the same vegetable family. You can throw kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts in there, too.

Hard work

So, what happens if you chow down on a plate of broccoli prior to hitting the hay? A food expert named Elissa Goodman went into more detail while speaking to the Delish website. She said, “Your body will still be working on digesting it while you drift off.” In other words, good luck getting the rest you need!