Bad Dogs That We Just Can't Stay Mad At

There's nothing worse than when your beloved furry friend does something messy around the house, and then you have to pretend to be angry about it. It's even harder when they're eager to show you the carnage they've wrought; those adoring puppy eyes make us cave every time! From grass-stained fur to digging up buried trash, we know these dogs' parents had to try desperately not to laugh.

1. Dishwasher doggo

Thinking of getting a new dishwasher? Think again! This convenient dog installment will lick all your dishes until they're squeaky clean. Hey, at least this little guy is cleaning up messes, unlike another dog we know.

2. Eye on the pie

Don't bother decorating your pies with this guy around. That happy, whipped-cream-covered face has zero shame about his delicious deed. The owners should have some shame, however, since they decided to still eat the pie! At least this incident didn't cost them any money, like it did for some other dog parents.

3. Pavement pooch

When renovating your home, you might want to find a better place for your pup to play than in the construction site. What did they think would happen? If you ask us, the footprints should stay as a reminder of this doggone day. After all, dogs have a way of making those "special days" a bit more memorable...

4. Such a seal-y dog

Why is there a seal on this list about dogs? Oh, wait — that's no seal. It's actually a hopelessly confused puppy! He tried to get into this sweater all by himself and ended up looking like a worm instead. Don't worry, little guy — we've all gotten lost in a sweater before!