Not-So-Happy Facts About Disney World

The Walt Disney Company has made a point of saying that their parks are "the happiest places on Earth." But unless bizarre rules, freak accidents, and questionable behind-the-scenes policies make those corporate executives smile, they might want to reconsider their slogan. These Disney nightmares are too odd to be completely forgotten.

Another one bites the dust

In 2016 Animal Kingdom's allegedly staff failed to notice a large snake that slithered out of one of the enclosures and into the park. It wound up falling onto a young boy and biting him on the neck — which in itself is terrifying — but he managed to survive. The boy's grandmother, however, was so shocked by the sight she died of a heart attack.

That was the family's story, however. Disney responded that the snake was actually wild and that the bite simply required a band-aid to be placed on the boy's wound. Despite these discrepancies, the matter was settled outside of the public eye.

Hi ho, hi no!

Seeing the fireworks displays at Magic Kingdom is a wonderful thing, but not when the explosions get a little too close for comfort. In 2015 parkgoers were enjoying a beautiful night, but within minutes they were watching in horror as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train went up in flames.

The Reedy Creek Fire Department claimed the cause was the turf grass used in the ride. The good news was that nobody got hurt, plus the attraction was able to reopen shortly afterward.

Flash Mountain

Who doesn't love a ride that comes with a Kodak moment? Splash Mountain was a favorite spot for Disney visitors to pose for funny photos and memorable family portraits. But not everyone on the ride was so well-behaved.

Some parkgoers get a kick out of exposing themselves or making lewd gestures for the camera. In response, Disney employees had to screen each round of pics to weed out any R-rated selections before they displayed them for sale at the end of the ride.

Down goes Pluto

Park visitors aren't the only ones who suffer from Disney slipups. During one of Magic Kingdom's famous parades, a float drove a little too close to an actor dressed as Pluto and ran him over.

Sadly, the actor playing the character later died from his injuries. The victim's name was Javier Cruz, and he had worked for Disney World for eight years before the tragic accident claimed his life.