Expectant Mothers Can Make Pregnancy Easier With These Surprising Hacks

Let’s not mince our words here: pregnancy can be extremely challenging. And while it’s certainly worth it in the end, moms won’t forget those nine months in a hurry. But we’ve gathered some handy, out-of-the-box hacks and tips that many expectant mothers might not have even heard of. Just be sure to check with your doctor if there are any you feel unsure about using, though!

1. Potato chips for morning sickness

Morning sickness has to be one of the biggest downsides of a pregnancy. It’s horrible for expectant moms! Thankfully, there are a whole host of potential remedies to call upon nowadays. But this one might be among the most surprising: potato chips! Some women swear by these for easing morning sickness symptoms. Pour out a glass of lemonade on the side, and you’ll be set.

2. Tong trick

Before your baby bump gets too big, it might be an idea to invest in some tongs. Why’s that? Well, while you’re resting up ahead of the big day, you’ll have a tool that can grab items otherwise sitting just out of reach. You won’t have to walk across the room and put additional strain on your feet or back. 

3. Kinesio tape

If your pregnant stomach is starting to feel uncomfortable, this tip will be right up your alley. Get hold of some kinesio tape at the store and place a few strips around the baby bump. Apparently, it’ll help blood circulation in that area, while also raising your skin. Hopefully, you should notice a difference.

4. Parking privileges

Parking can be tricky at the best of times, but it’s even tougher for expectant moms. Your growing bump doesn’t make it easy. Mind you, the addition of “maternity parking” spaces in certain places can be a big help. They’re located near the front of buildings, meaning you don’t have to walk across the entire lot to reach them.