Cole Sprouse Confessed Why Working With Jennifer Aniston On Friends Was Such A Challenge

Being part of Friends must have been awesome, right? Talk about a one-way ticket to fame! But Cole Sprouse remembers things differently. He found it almost impossible to be on the show – all because of Jennifer Aniston. It’s a bizarre reason, but Sprouse has explained it all. And he wasn’t afraid to dish the dirt on Jen on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Friends memories

The actor was on the show to promote the latest season of the popular teen drama Riverdale. But, of course, the host couldn’t help but talk to him about his time on Friends. And while Sprouse was just eight years old when he landed the role of Ben, he remembers appearing in some of the sitcom’s most beloved episodes – particularly the ones with Aniston.

Remember that one kid?

If you’re a Friends fan – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you’ll know “The One with the Truth about London.” In that classic episode, Ben and Rachel actually have lots of scenes together. There’s a moment when Rachel starts telling Ben about the childhood pranks she used to play. Like putting Saran wrap over the toilet seat “so the pee goes everywhere”!

A difficult time

Only Ross doesn’t like pranks. So Ross and Ben decide to give Rachel a taste of her own medicine by pranking her. Remember that dummy Ross falling down the stairs? And given that Aniston made performing on the show so “difficult” for Sprouse, maybe part of him enjoyed this storyline too.

Off the show

And maybe Sprouse’s issues with Aniston explain why Ben doesn’t appear in the show after season eight. We don’t even see him meet Ross and Rachel’s daughter, Emma. All very strange! Now that we’ve learned the truth from Sprouse, though, you have to think that there was something going on behind the scenes.