Experts Share The Reason Cats Go Wild At Night – And How To Stop Them

You’re just about to doze off but, as your eyes flutter, you see it, and you grumble. Your cat zips by, racing in one direction, flipping around, and running back. Every night they zoom around the house, and you have no idea why. Well, experts have looked into it, and they now know why our pets go nuts at night. Want to know how you can stop it from happening? We’ll tell all.

Those nighttime sprints

You love your pet cat, eccentricities and all, but you still have to wonder why they behave in such strange ways. Right now it’s the nighttime sprints that intrigue you the most. When you’re wide awake to see your cat flying around the room, it’s pretty hilarious to watch them lose it for a few minutes.

Burning up energy

Cats and kittens tend to have these bursts of energy, and they only have one way to burn it up. They run around the house, bouncing onto and off of furniture. You can’t predict what they’ll do next but, like we said, their silly behavior can be hilarious if, you know, you’re not trying to sleep.

Energy bursts

But remember that your cat can’t quite plan when they’ll get a surge of energy. Perhaps your four-legged friend tends to go crazy just as you’re winding down. Like we said, their hijinks are quite funny when you’re awake, but it can be hard to sleep in the same house as an animal that’s bouncing off the walls.

Trying to communicate

Yet now experts have looked into the reasons why your cat might be acting out as the clock strikes bedtime. And they’ve been able to explain the science behind this behavior and, most of the time, they’re not just running around for the heck of it. Yup, your feline friend is trying to tell you something.