Guy Heads To The Woods With His Metal Detector, And Later Unearthed A Hoard Of Treasure

Brad Martin’s metal detector barely goes off, but he digs anyway. He finally finds what set off the alarm – and he can hardly believe his eyes. He sprays the circular object with water and grows more and more shocked. He has just made the discovery of a lifetime in the middle of the Vermont mountains.

Not your typical hunter

On his Facebook page, Martin describes himself in four ways: his bio reads, “Treasure hunter, adventurer, YouTuber, Vermonter.” All of those qualities combined when he set out into Vermont’s mountains with a camera and metal detector in hand. His pursuit differed from that of others with the same hobby, as he said he skipped beaches and parks in favor of the mountains.

Mountain treasures

Martin’s preference came to light in an August 2018 piece he shared through Imgur. He wrote, “I tend to stay away from the beaches and parks, but instead spend my time in the forested mountains of the Green Mountain state.” On his Facebook page, he further explained that he searches the state’s peaks in search of “the treasures the pioneers left behind.”

Private owners

One particular trip had Martin making “the greatest metal detecting find of [his] life,” as he described it on YouTube in August 2018. At the same time, he wrote on Imgur how he often received permission from private mountain landowners, usually loggers or farmers, to search their properties for treasure.

Not much to look at

On his aforementioned treasure hunt, Martin headed toward the mountains once again, this time to a plot of land where an old building had once stood. As the treasure hunter described it, “All that remains is a hole, once a basement, and probably miles of intersecting old walls.” He had hopes of finding something worthwhile on-site, even though the landowner didn’t seem convinced.