Shelter Dog Won't Stop Growing, Then DNA Test Exposes Strange 'Explanation'

Shivering, wet, and alone — too many puppies start their lives in such conditions, and Yuki was one of them. His story might have ended there if fate and two brave individuals hadn't stepped in. Kent and Nancy Smith knew they could help Yuki, but when they met him in person, they realized they were in for something much more complicated than they had expected. A DNA test would later confirm it, but Yuki wasn't the shivering little pup they thought he was...

Meet Yuki

It was 2008, and Yuki's original owner was getting desperate. The small, shivering puppy they'd once rescued had transformed into a wild, snarling creature. The owner couldn't get Yuki to sit, let alone keep him on a leash and away from other people. It was like Yuki was another dog entirely.

Yuki's Startling Trait

To make matters worse, the gray-matted puppy wasn't really a "puppy" anymore. The energetic dog was getting too difficult for one person to control, and that alone was enough to make the owner seek outside help...that is, until he noticed another startling trait.

Not My Problem Anymore

At eight-months, Yuki had grown to a bigger size than his owner could ever have expected. Of course puppies grow, but this much so soon was alarming enough that his owner decided to wipe their hands clean of the matter and make Yuki someone else's problem.

An Important Call

The owner dropped Yuki off at an animal shelter in hopes that they could find him a more suitable home. The shelter had seen all kinds of badly-behaved pups and wild animals in their time, but it soon became clear that they were no match for Yuki. So, they called in the big guns.